We support creative ways to mobilize and empower people across our communities so their voices are heard and their participation assured in the public sphere, particularly those who are underrepresented. We call this “civic engagement” – actively engaging Americans in the decision and policy-making processes that impact their lives, their communities, their states and their country.

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Michigan Voice: The result of decades of advocacy.

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Michigan Voice, a fiscally sponsored project of State Voices, is a state-based collaboration of nonprofit 501c3 organizations. The collaboration’s nonpartisan mission is to educate, engage, activate and protect underrepresented and socially responsible communities as it relates to the democratic process. We seek to do our part in helping to champion a democracy where all Americans can and do participate equally in exercising their power to impact the decisions that shape our local, state and federal governments.

Our network supports creative ways to mobilize and empower people across our state and country. We seek to use our voices and our active engagement to push for equity in the decision and policy-making processes that impact our lives. We work to leverage our collective power to catalyze change because we know that by acting together, we accomplish more than acting alone...


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Here at Michigan Voice, we provide crucial tools, resources, and coordination that will increase your groups’ impact. The current climate of the social and political landscape can be very tough to navigate. Having the proper training to go along with your passion to serve your community is essential to having success in this field.

We have decades of experience in a variety of different situations, fighting for a number of different causes. During our training sessions, we pass that knowledge and expertise on to you and your group. Properly equipping you to take on whatever task you see necessary in across your communities.

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Our state's communities of color & their families are building power now more than ever. Help us to continue supporting and strengthening Michigan's people of color through our various programs, & trainings.

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Strengthening our state’s communities through programs designed to encourage unity, promote leadership, reduce challenges, and overcome obstacles together.

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