Ballot Initiatives

Ballot Initiatives are a process whereby a petition about a specific policy is circulated and signed by a certain minimum number of registered voters in order to bring about a public vote on a proposed statute or constitutional amendment. Ballot Initiatives enable citizens to bypass their state legislature by placing proposed statutes and, in some states, constitutional amendments on the ballot during local, state and federal elections.

Currently, the State of Michigan allows citizen initiatives in the form of initiated constitutional amendments, indirectly initiated state statutes and veto referendums. Petition signature requirements for the State of Michigan are calculated based on the percentage of the votes cast in the state’s last gubernatorial election. In 2018, ballot campaigns are required to gather 157,827 signatures for veto referendums, 252,523 signatures for statutes and 315,654 signatures for amendments within 180 days of the petition filing date in order to qualify for the ballot.

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