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Issues The Community Faces

Transit Justice

Mass transportation is necessary for everyone.

Fighting Poverty & Inequality

Everyone should be treated with equal respect and access.

Youth Rights

Youth are the future and have rights.

Women's Issues

Women should be treated with respect and dignity.

Environmental Justice

We must protect the planet we live on. Global warming is a real threat.

Racial Justice

All people of all races must be treated equally.

Good Jobs

People are entitled to access to good jobs with livable wages where families are able to live and meet their basic needs.


We deserve and have the right to quality education.

Stopping Mass Incarceration & Improving Police Accountability

Mass Incarceration is the new Jim Crow, and Law enforcement agencies should be protecting all communities while treating people fairly.

Land Justice

Land and land usage in our city should respect the opinions and decisions of all of its citizens.


Every voice in America has the right to be heard.

Home & Water Justice

People have the human right to affordable, safe and inclusive housing and water.

Immigration Reform

Everyone has a right to the American dream. Families should not be torn apart.

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