Training Programs


Here at Michigan Voice, we provide crucial tools, resources, and coordination that will increase your groups’ impact. The current climate of the social and political landscape can be very tough to navigate. Having the proper training to go along with your passion to serve your community is essential to having success in this field.

We have decades of experience in a variety of different situations, fighting for a number of different causes. During our training sessions, we pass that knowledge and expertise on to you and your group. Properly equipping you to take on whatever task you see necessary in across your communities.

Schedule your training today, and get the skills you need to WIN!

Current & upcoming trainings

Fundraising Excellence For Non Profits Training

This training offers an exclusive behind the scenes look at the world of fundraising for non-profits.

Dr. Truman Hudson Jr. is your highly qualified guild who will teach you all about funding for non-profits. You don’t want to miss this perfect opportunity to network and meet potential funders for your current or next project.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Civicize Me

Civicize Me’s Civic Leadership Workshop provides a place-based introduction to local civic institutions, coupled with exercises to help participants define the expertise and talents they can bring to local government roles and decisions.

The session includes historical context for Michigan’s multi-layered government structure, briefly charts the branches of federal and state government, then focuses on demystifying local county, municipal (city, township, village) and school district systems. We help participants understand these governments and their power within them. Participants leave having identified at least one personal ambition for civic engagement and their next steps toward achieving that ambition.

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